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Our clients need solutions for real-world challenges. At OASIS we apply our expert knowledge of ocean acoustic science to develop systems and guidance to solve our clients' most complex problems.

Ocean Acoustics & Sciences

  • Sonar System Design and Engineering
  • Advanced Sonar Techniques (including Synthetic Aperture Sonar -SAS)
  • Patent Pending for Real Time TL Measurements and Localization Using an OASIS Mobile Acoustic Source (OMAS)
  • Real Time Detection, Classification, and Localization of Targets Using Embedded DSP Technology

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (Auv) Operation

  • OASIS Mobile Acoustic Source (OMAS)
    • Able to Transmit Customized Waveforms
    • Fully Programmable Run Geometries
  • Slocum Electric Glider
    • Buoyancy Propelled Vehicle
    • Low Power Consumption Allows Glider to Perform Month Long Missions
    • Customizable Science Bay
  • Hydroid REMUS Vehicles
    • Propeller-Driven Fully-Programmable AUV

Acoustic Signature Reduction

  • Radiated Noise Measurements for Ships, Submarines, Unmanned Vehicles, and Weapons
  • Self Noise Analysis
  • Modeling and Analysis
  • Next Generation Undersea Weapon Analysis

Hydro/Aero-Acoustics & Hydro/Aero-Dynamics

  • Turbulent Flow Research and Modeling
  • Turbine, Pump and Propeller Cavitation, Noise and Structural Vibration
  • Wind Tunnel Design, Construction, and Research
  • Water Tunnel Research

Instrumentation Systems & Measurement Engineering

  • Ocean Environmental Monitoring
  • Hydroturbine Cavitation Condition Monitoring System
  • Structural Vibration and Condition of Monitoring of Diesel Engines, Generators, and Turbines
  • Vibration and Acoustic Condition Monitoring Systems
  • Other challenging ocean and non-ocean scenarios requiring acoustics and vibration expertise

Transmission Loss (TL) Measurements in Littoral Waters Around the World

  • North America
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Middle East