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OASIS is proud to be a Prime Contractor for NAVSEA and their SEAPORT-enhanced Multiple Award Contracts (MAC) for both Zone 1, the Northeast, and Zone 2, the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Ocean Acoustical Services and Instrumentation Systems (OASIS), Inc., a ThayerMahan company, provides specialized research and development to both government and commercial clients including:
  • Sonar design and applications
  • Ocean acoustics and ocean sciences
  • Hydro- and aero-dynamics
  • Structural acoustics
  • Noise and vibration modeling and control
  • Real-time detection, classification, and localization of targets using embedded DSP technology
  • Instrumentation design
  • Processing and testing for specialized projects

OASIS Technical, Customer Service and Zone 1 & 2 Point of Contact:

Vince Premus
Vice President, Chief Science Officer
(978) 877-7580 | vpremus@thayermahan.com


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